Corvette Museum, Bowling Green – September, 2019

Nine cars from SVC left Pasadena with many others from other clubs in the area on August 23rd.  We will be updating the information on this fantastic run as information comes in from the attendees. The Santors won the raffle to lead the Southwest Corvette Caravan on the first leg of the trip through the Angeles Crest Highway. Simi Valley Corvettes were right behind. It was a beautiful start with news coverage about the Caravan headed for Bowling Green Kentucky for the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum. 225 cars; 12 shipped from Hawaii, one man from Australia, a couple from Belgium where the man, was meeting another in Nevada to drive in his Corvette; they drove together in the very first Caravan 25 years ago.  Sincere thanks to Skip and Marilyn for most of the photos.

The inaugural meeting of the Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood raised $27,620 for its initial gift to  support the NCM.  If the Four initiatives, the members chose “Damsels of Design” which Harley Earl named for the women who worked in designing vehicles after WWII. The exhibit will show women”s contribution to Corvette.

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