Winterfest Corvette Show – Edwards AFB, November 30, 2018

What a great event at Edwards AFB. Much thanks to Frank for setting up the event. We met up with Santa Clarita Corvettes and other clubs and had a police escort to the base gate. More than 20 Corvettes were from our club, and probably 30 others participated. We displayed our cars in the PX parking lot where the tree was ultimately lit along with other festivities. We were all treated to tours of some pretty cool areas on the base. Photos were only allowed in specific areas. The AFB personnel at the various tour points were extremely knowledgeable and provided some inside info about what had previously occurred on the base. Weather was pretty good considering the location of Edwards – cool and somewhat windy. The base is huge, covering three So Cal counties. Again, we all wholeheartedly thank Frank for the great run. There were no glitches and as Frank insisted – NO ONE GOT CAUGHT SPEEDING ON THE BASE!

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