The Simi Valley Corvette Club is more than just two meetings a month. It‘s about making friends, getting together with these friends and taking AMERICA’S TRUE SPORTSCAR out on the road, for a “run”.

Getting ready for another great year.  Club membership exceeds 150 and enthusiasm is high going in 2014. 

Here’s a link to a current article about the Corvette Museum and the specific cars that were damaged.   http://exm.nr/OwgCxz


Congratulations to the Corvette Racing Team  for capturing the 2013 drivers’ championship; the manufacturer’s championship; and the team championships for the ALMS series.   They wiped the competition this year including Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Viper!

Now on to 2014 with the new C7R:


Introducing our EBoard for 2014:

President – Bob Silverman
Vice President – Lois Friedman
Treasurer – Ginny Kuntuzos
Secretary – Marilyn Bolnick

Contacts:  Steve Johnson (website) 805-340-1960; vettesimi@yahoo.com      

Here are links to our Application Form as well as our fee schedule:

SVCC Membership Application

Initiation Fee and Dues Schedule for 2014

Our fine partner and sponsor:

Simi Valley Chevrolet                                  Simi Valley Chevrolet Ltr July 15 2011
1001 Cochran Street.

Simi Valley
CA 93065

How to get there